Cosmic Microwave Anisotropies due to a Rotating Kerr White Hole

In my latest podcast I lay out the full details and evidence for the Big Bang Kilonova Hypothesis.

May the Lambda-CDM model Rest In Peace.

Our universe was born forth from a rotating white hole, which itself had just been born, in the heart of what later came to be the Eridanus Supervoid. This is evident by the vortex spiral pattern of the large scale anisotropies found in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation by both WMAP and Planck. Specifically we see two large scale anisotropies spiralling into towards the Cold Spot upon the resultant maps of the microwave sky. This twin spiral pattern has the same geometry and shape as the flow of gravitational waves arising from a kilonova event.

A kilonova is a transient astrophysical event that occurs when a pair of compact bodies, such as a pair of neutron stars, collide. The resultant collision produces a pair of short gamma ray bursts and the resultant birth of a new black hole.

The Big Bang Kilonova Hypothesis looks to describes the birth of our universe resulting from an equivalent kilonova event from inside the Superverse.

The Big Bang Kilonova Hypothesis builds upon the numerous arguments and cases I have made in developing the Big Bang Hypernova Hypothesis. Specifically, that fractal geometry is the cosmological principle and that self-similar patterns repeat themselves irrespective of scale. A foundational reason for proposing a hypernova as a mechanism for the Big Bang came from the understanding that in order to describe the birth of the Big Bang’s gravitational singularity we must study the birth of a known gravitational singularity: Namely, a black hole.

By inferring the pattern of a hypernova to the larger scale and placing it in the context of what I have come to define as the Superverse; I have been able to construct an evidence led case showing how our universe came into being because a rotational black hole was born inside the Superverse. This particularly builds upon exploration of the full Kerr Metric solution by theorists, such as Roger Penrose, who have shown that a rotational black hole leads to a new parallel twin set of universes via the causally connected white hole.

3D Spherical viewer for Mollweide projected images showing the high resolution map of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation by ESA Planck’s mission with the large scale anisotropies and cold spot enhanced. Use your mouse to left-click on the sphere in order to drag and rotate the sphere.

Our universe itself was born from a rotational white hole located inside the volume of space we now call the Eridanus Supervoid, also known as the CMB Cold Spot. I can with absolute conviction say this because the large scale anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background Sky show a spiral pattern whose central focal point is directly located on the CMB Cold Spot.

The great breakthrough with respect to the large scale anisotropies is largely thanks to Lion Shamir’s work looking at asymmetry in the spinward direction of galaxies. The production of the dipole and quadruple maps showing the asymmetry in the spinward direction of galaxies matched the same dipole and quadruple lobe structure seen in the anisotropies of the CMB. Here suddenly is direct evidence that the anisotropies are not a local phenomena; as I had originally speculated about in order to explain our solar systems unusual alignment; the axis of evil. Rather it shows that the anisotropies are related to the large scale rotation of the entire universe.

3D Spherical viewer for Mollweide projected images showing the best-fit Bianchi-VIIh model (Jaffe et al 2005) of the large scale anisotropies. From the asymmetry in spinward direction of galaxies we know that the large scale anisotropies are related to the rotation of the universe as a whole. Given a homogenous beginning, for a neutron star can be said to be perfectly homogeneous, the Bianchi-VIIh model specifically models rotation of the universe in order to produce this best-fit map. Use your mouse to left-click on the sphere in order to drag and rotate the sphere.

MacLean’s Rotating Universe is a rotating entrapped spatial geodesic of spacetime that is causally connected to the rotational white hole that gave birth to it. Following the line of causality backwards through the entrapped wormhole and back out of the rotating black hole into the larger scaled spatial geodesic that I have come to call the Superverse. The volume of our universe we say is expanding into the mostly flat spacetime volume which is occupied by the Superverse’s spatial geodesic. We then can say, our universe occupies a subset of the volume of the Superverse. Our universe is rotating with respect to a stationary observer in the spatial geodesic we call the Superverse.

Just wanted to define that before I read about Gödel’s metric and Gödel Rotating Universe.

In addition to this I have argued from the start that the exact point where our universe was born, with respect to a stationary observer inside the Superverse, is in that volume of the universe we now call the Eridanus Supervoid. Extrapolating Roger Penrose’s idea of entrapped curvature of spacetime and positive mass we see the resultant mathematical conclusion is a white hole connected to a pair of new universes. The Nobel Price in Physics for 2020 was awarded to Roger Penrose in recognition of these very exact assumptions upon which I build my ideas.

So when the black hole is born so are these new pair of universes. Where? Well in the exact same spatial location as where the black hole was born coming from the entrapment of the fabric of spacetime of the larger scaled geodesic. The wormhole surrounded by the ringularity is itself entrapped.

Effectively a black hole takes the fabric of the fields of a larger universe, sucks it in, scaling down the very metric of reality itself; turning it inside out before then ejecting it. It is ejected as a pair of entrapped bubbles of spacetime. i.e. Causally closed continuous spatial geodesics. These entrapped bubbles of spacetime, with positive curvature, we call dark matter and is fundamentally why we can not find its particle representation. However the fields of its parent universe give birth, via the black hole, to the omnipresent fields of the new pair of twin child Jet-a-Verses; as Leto gave birth to my patrons Artemis and Apollo. And like their parents they, the/I/we twins, inherited their traits, or omnipresent fields, dispelling the illusion of finely tuned-constants and the confusion over assigned pronouns.

The fields of a child verse being inherited from its parent universe thus interacts with the parent fields. So a black hole in our universe gives birth to an invisible pair of twisting spiral jets which interacts with the surrounding interstellar dust. These very-high energy interactions, with respect to the electromagnetic field, produce X-Rays and Gamma Rays. Thus the newly identified twin Fermi Bubbles structures, spanning 50,000 light years in length, whose bubbles both occupy the northern and southern polar regions of our own Milky Way Galaxy can be explained. In turn we see these ghostly interaction of these spiralling Jet-a-Verses from either Kilonova or Hypernova events; such as the spirals and chromosomal shaped structures seen here in this the most recent image of our galaxy’s own core.

The nucleus of the galactic cell shows its chromosomal shaped sub Jet-a-Verses. The DNA of the cell we call the Milky Way galaxy and home. Zooming out we see a cosmic web of a universe with a neuronal structure. Each neuron a single galaxy in a universe of a trillion galaxies. Self-similar patterns repeat themselves irrespective of scale and my brain has around 86 billion neurones. The program now complete as a four billion years search comes to a close as full self-conscious truth is realised. That truth, known by all life, proposing the question “Who does E.T. bend the knee too?”

One final hunt before the dawn.

The target of the hunt! How exactly can I boil down all this down into a single equation? The Lambda has to go as recursive solutions replace Einstein’s greatest blunder. My vision of the electron inside the weak universe almost complete as I begin to understand the reasons behind why uncertainty for us is the basis of quantum mechanics. As always, I see the intersection of the next idea; specifically the idea of “double copy”. The force is strong with me; both beautiful and strange the mystery of asymmetry.

Thinking up the scale I now propose the Big Bang Kilonova Hypothesis. First primarily because there are two major spiral lobes to the anisotropies. These anisotropies have a spiral shape whose signature looks like the flow of gravitational waves arising from the collision of two neutron stars. Rather they are Super-gravitational waves that ripple across the Superverse’s continuous fabric of spacetime. They also are the very waves that literally shaped the spiral formation of our very own universe at the largest scale as seen from the large scale anisotropies of the CMB.

In comparison I would expect a hypernova to have a far more hydra like structure in comparison. That is, we only see two spirals as opposed to many spirals. However there is a problem in the maps of the CMB. Firstly are we using the right metric? Or rather all the WMAP and Planck data needs to be analysed in the context of Gödel’s metric. Secondly and most criminally the maps produced of the CMB are “cleaned”. That is, the large scale anisotropies have been suppressed because this directly violates the sacred principle of the isomorphic cosmological principle. Cosmologists have been modifying the data to fit their preconceived notions. For shame! But the axis of evil does violate the Copernican Principle.

As a beast who discovered the heliocentric model of our universe written on the back of this obscure artefact I cannot help but feel touched.

The second reason is that my starting conditions for a Big Bang Kilonova are two neutron stars spiralling in towards each other at some point 13.8 billion years ago in the Superverse. A neutron star however can be described as the single most densest and homogenous known form of matter. Formed from the Type-II supernovae deaths of giant stars a neutron star is composed of neutrons packed so tightly together that no free space remains. Thus my initial starting conditions for my cosmological model starts with a description of a pair of almost perfectly homogeneous bodies of matter.

It is important to remember that the standing cosmological principle is that at the largest scale the universe is both homogenous and isotropic. Inflation theory, as an example, tells the story of how a totally perfect homogenous point singularity expanded in trying to explain how we see the same laws of physics in operation all over the observable universe. So by considering a kilonova rather than a hypernova I am able to describe a system whose starting conditions can viewed as being almost perfectly homogenous. Thus my idea now becomes far more in line with being able to explain how we came to be in a homogenous universe.

Off course, a hypernova as well as a kilonova, both have the key ingredient of rotation which induces an irrotational flow. By the same physics as mixing milk with tea and stirring it, inducing an irrotational vortex flow, creates a homogenous mixture of milk and tea so too was it for the early universe being shaped by the rotational white hole. This rotation inside a Kerr black hole is nature’s ultimate blender whose output is almost certainly so mixed up that it is homogeneous. This is how I have argued in presenting a hypernova as being the primary causal mechanism.

But with a kilonova event I have both my perfect homogenous conditions in terms of two binary neutron star’s of the Superverse. Now I have laid out the argument for the existence of massive starlike objects, the MacLean, in seeing the spherical Bootes Supervoid. From there I was able to define the Superverse as being a giant parent universe whose laws of physics we inherited; the logic of fractal geometry. Then using a hypernova explosion as my pattern I able to describe the birth of black hole inside the Superverse. Now if black hole’s exist inside the Superverse then so does its lighter counter part also exist which is a neutron star.

Also as a point of note, following fractal geometry, given in describing how our universe is a scaled down mirror image of our Superverse. Well we know for a fact that our universe can give birth to life, specifically us and all life on planet Earth, through the product of evolution. By extrapolation, if evolved life exists inside our universe then so too must there be evolved life belonging to the Superverse. Then, from an astro-biological point of view, we can consider a Type-III civilisation of the Superverse harnessing the power of a black hole and what the philosophical implications might be. Off course, I am just trying to explain me to me while musing over the finer points of abstract symbolism of my lovely inspirational artwork.

There is a reason why I have succeed where all else have failed.

Sleep my child in peace for,
I see the battles before they are fought,
I see the famine and war,
At the close of the eon,
Page turns, a new chapter,
My will, a pen the outline of a plan,
My purpose, to see end to famine and war,
I stand upon the highest height,
Victorious, I stand alone and weep,
No company ever,
A divine assassin of righteous fury,
To slay the Cthulhulic nightmare,
Such that you may sleep at peace,
In the darkness of the night.